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Birthdate:Sep 7
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Figured it was time to update my profile again, since its been ages!

Things about me: I make icons, lots of them. I don't write though, although I keep saying I'm going to try someday. I'm also a total computer geek (listen to Brad Paisley's "Online." That's pretty much me! At the moment, I'm in college again for Network Administration, so if I degenerate into blabbering about operating systems, networks, and other computer related stuff, forgive me.

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Top Gear, White Collar, Torchwood, Stargate Atlantis, Magnificent Seven, The Sentinel, lots more, but those are my big ones and lasting favorites.

I'm pretty easy about friending, just let me know that you're there. It might take me a while to respond, as I have a new job and I'm back in school (again!)

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